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Chemical Safety

Learn about chemical safety


ChemAlert is the University’s Chemical Register and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database.

Chemical Spill and Gas Leaks

Safe work practices must be followed at all times to prevent gas leaks and chemical spills.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets contain important safety information about hazardous chemicals to help you work safely.

Chemical Registers and Manifests

Each area is required to maintain a register of all the hazardous substances held.

Risk Assessments

Before using any product that has been classified as a Hazardous Substance and/or Dangerous Good (as detailed on the SDS), a risk assessment must be undertaken to determine the possible hazards of the product and the control measures required for its safe use.

Pregnancy and Hazardous Chemicals

If you work directly or indirectly with hazardous chemicals, please advise your line manager as soon as possible if you are pregnant, or of your intention to conceive or breastfeed.

Storage of Chemicals

If you work with hazardous chemicals, you must store them correctly to keep people safe. You must make it clear where you’re storing chemicals with signs and labels.

Chemical Waste

Curtin University is committed to the safe and environmentally responsible management of hazardous waste. Where possible, the generation of hazardous waste will be actively avoided. Curtin arranges for a licensed contractor to collect chemical waste from all sites several times per year.

Time Sensitive Chemicals

Time‐Sensitive Chemicals can degrade over time and develop additional hazards if not correctly maintained. These hazards have the potential to cause significant injury to personnel and damage to surrounding infrastructure.