Curtin in South Asia

Curtin maintains strong relationships in South Asia, centred on education, research and engagements. Curtin has close links and collaborations with universities to generate new opportunities for students from both countries and collaborates closely with top Indian universities to deliver mutually beneficial research outcomes.

Representatives in South Asia

Representatives in South Asia

Curtin has teams based across South Asia to assist all stakeholders. These regional and in-country managers can help you identify the best way to engage with Curtin in research, education and engagement.

Articulation programs

Articulation programs

Curtin’s articulation programs allow students to study for their degrees partially in India and Australia.

Curtin students in South Asia

Curtin students in South Asia

Curtin works with Indian partner universities to offer Australian students academic, research and cultural experiences in India.

Curtin-IIT Madras Research Academy

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is nationally recognised as the highest ranked university in India. Curtin-IIT Madras Research Academy works to deepen and elevate Curtin’s research partnership with India by increasing opportunities for research projects in strategic areas, student and staff mobility, academic exchange, industry engagement and large scale PhD training. The Academy serves as a hub for Curtin’s research activities in India.

Curtin-India collaborative PhD program

Curtin has collaborative PhD programs with various Indian Institutes of Technology. Through these agreements, students can conduct research at both institutes and receive joint degrees.

Investment and trade partnerships

Curtin partners with Indian and Australian industries to solve a range of problems. If you’re looking for opportunities in business, investment or trade, please contact any of the Invest and Trade WA global network of offices.

Curtin Colombo campus 

Curtin University, an Australian university ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide, will soon be launching Curtin Colombo in Sri Lanka. 

Our vibrant campus is located at Nawam Mawatha in Colombo and is home to exceptional amenities, resources and activities, giving you a rich and rewarding experience.

For more information on Curtin’s engagement with South Asia, please contact Professor Abhijit Mukherjee, Dean Global, South Asia.