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Medicines and poisons

What is a poison?

A poison is defined as any substance that is included in the Schedules of the Medicine and Poisons Act 2014 & Regulation 2016. The availability of poisons is restricted by the Medicine and Poisons Act 2014 & Regulations 2016 in order to protect public health. Curtin requires a research/education permit to purchase, use and hold certain scheduled poisons. (See Poisons Permits below).

Identifying hazards

Before conducting research or teaching activities at Curtin, you must identify the hazards inherent in your work, document your safety protocols in a written risk assessment, and seek any approvals you need from Curtin or Government regulatory bodies. To help you understand the regulatory environment that applies to your work with hazardous materials complete the Hazard Identification Tool.

Please contact the Hazardous Materials Office for more information on or assistance with poisons legislation at Curtin: