Open Access stories: Dr Hendra Gunosewoyo

Alexander Hamilton and his supervisor Dr Hendra Gunosewoyo smile at the camera, standing on Curtin campus in front of foliage

The first article by Curtin authors to be made Open Access under the Library read and publish arrangements was by Curtin PhD student Alexander Hamilton, his supervisor Dr Hendra Gunosewoyo (Senior Lecturer, Curtin Medical School) and co-authors Dr Alan Payne (Senior Lecturer, School of Molecular and Life Sciences) and Professor Mauro Mocerino (Professor, School of Molecular and Life Sciences).

Asked about the process required to make their article open, Dr Gunosewoyo said:

“We are fortunate to be the very first Curtin authors to take advantage of the Open Access agreement between CSIRO and Curtin. The process was refreshingly straightforward and the editorial assistance from CSIRO Australian Journal of Chemistry was second to none. We are grateful to be part of the Curtin’s Read and Publish agreements currently existing for CSIRO, Royal Society and Karger. If resources allow, we think it would be a fantastic opportunity for Curtin to expand this Open Access base with future publishers sharing similar spirit.”