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Online resource authentication system

The Library has upgraded our authentication system for accessing our subscribed online content. Our new system OpenAthens is more secure and allows for single sign on both on and off campus, meaning you don’t have to log in as often.

Sign in direct via journal websites

As well as getting access to resources through the Library catalogue and databases, you may now login directly to some online resources using OpenAthens authentication.

Each journal website has a slightly different way to authenticate users, but most follow a similar pattern:

  1. While browsing a journal look out for links such as ‘Log in via your institution’, ‘Institution login’ or ‘OpenAthens’ usually in the top menu of the website.
  2. After clicking on this, you’ll then need to search for Curtin University under ‘Find your institution’ or similar which will direct you to a Curtin University login page.
    Note: Don’t use the ‘Sign in with an OpenAthens account’ option.
  3. Log in using your Curtin details. You can now browse the journal with your institutional access applied.

Update your links

If you have any bookmarks or links using our old authentication system you’ll need to update these.

Old links look like this:


A new link will look like this:


Use the link generator tool to update your links and ensure these continue to work. If your link starts with ‘’ you will not need to generate an updated link.

Support for specific websites

Artstor and OpenAthens

The first time you connect to Artstor through OpenAthens, you will be asked to ‘Register’ or ‘Link your Existing Account’. If you already have an Artstor account select ‘Link your Existing Account’. If you don’t have an Artstor account select ‘Register’.

Your unique OpenAthens numeric identifier will then be linked with your personal Artstor account and this will save you from having to login a second time. On subsequent visits to Artstor through OpenAthens, you will be automatically logged in to your personal account.

Your personal Artstor account allows you to:

  • save images to folders.
  • share folders with other Artstor users.
  • download images.

ProQuest Ebook Central and OpenAthens

When you login to ProQuest Ebook Central using OpenAthens, a unique OpenAthens numeric identifier tied to your Curtin login is passed to Ebook Central. This is used to create a new Ebook Central account linked to your Curtin login.

Having an Ebook Central account allows you to:

  • download entire books for a limited time (depending on publisher restrictions).
  • make annotations.
  • create a personal bookshelf.
  • keep track of your downloads, loans and saved books.

If you created an Ebook Central account and bookshelf prior to our OpenAthens migration, you are able retrieve your old bookshelf and import it into your new account created through OpenAthens. See the article at ProQuest support for instructions.

Ebscohost and OpenAthens

The EBSCO Merge Accounts feature allows you to merge account information from one personal user account into another. If you already have an Ebscohost personal account and would like to link this with your Curtin account follow the instructions here.


Contact the Library if you need help accessing resources or have any questions.