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Play Disc golf on campus

Australia’s first disc golf course is on campus.

Disc Golf has landed at Curtin with Australia’s first ever university disc golf course! The hugely popular sport is played in more than 40 countries, with championship tournaments around the world.

Disc Golf is played with similar rules to traditional golf, except instead of hitting a ball with a club, players throw a Frisbee-shaped disc from a tee pad to an elevated metal basket to complete each hole. The aim of the game is to complete the course in the least number of throws. This game is super easy for anyone of any age to learn, while still providing a challenge to master your throws.

The course

The Curtin Disc Golf course is located on Edinburgh Oval South at Curtin. The course is free to play on and is made up of nine holes with 18 challenging tee positions across the Jack Finney Wetlands.

Where to get golf discs

Specialty golf discs are used to play the game. They are weighted and come in all sorts of sizes. Discs can be purchased from Curtin Stadium. You can also pick up scorecards from the Stadium.

Rules of the game

  1. Tee throws. Each hole begins with a throw from the tee pad
  2. Lie. The lie is where the disc comes to rest. Subsequent throws are made from the lie
  3. Throwing Order. The player with the lowest score on the previous hole throws first. After teeing off, the player whose lie is the furthest from the basket throws first
  4. Fairway Throws. Must be made from the lie. A run-up and follow through is permitted
  5. Putting. Within ten metres of the basket, a player is required to remain behind the lie until the disc comes to rest
  6. Completion of Hole. A hole is complete when the disc comes to rest in the basket or chains
  7. Trees. If the disc comes to rest in a tree, the next throw is taken from underneath with no penalty
  8. Out of bounds. A disc is out-of-bounds (OB) when it is completely surrounded by the OB areas as marked on the tee sign. A one-stroke penalty is added to the score and the next throw is taken from the point where the disc went OB. All roads, fences, paths and wetlands are out of bounds
  9. Scoring. Download a scorecard or pick one up from Curtin Stadium reception. Grab a disc while you’re there and a set of rules and you’re ready to play!