Active seniors - Curtin Sport and Recreation | Curtin University, Perth, Australia
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Discover CurtinActive: Where fitness meets community! 

Are you looking for an inclusive and sociable fitness experience? Look no further than CurtinActive! Our instructor-led classes not only offer top-notch training but also provide a welcoming social environment where you can connect with our vibrant community.  

Led by our team of fully qualified personal trainers, the CurtinActive circuit involves a consecutive series of exercises that are performed with short rest periods between them. The circuit focusses on 5-10 exercises that are repeated to target different muscle groups and systems e.g. flexibility, endurance, cardio, strength, and balance.  

These are 45-minute sessions where you’ll not only sweat it out but also connect with your trainer and fellow participants. After the workout, there’s additional time allocated for stretching and mingling, allowing you to discuss your progress and fitness goals in a supportive environment. 

If you’re eager to join this program, please contact our membership team by using our online inquiry form and we ‘ll be in touch to answer questions, organise an obligation-free tour (with a required ESSA/medical screening) to help you get started.