Curtin Experiences - Curtin Sport and Recreation | Curtin University, Perth, Australia
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Curtin Experiences

Curtin Experiences includes a range of sports, dance, martial arts and fitness programs that will keep you active, get you social and teach you new things!

Semester 2 programs

Curtin Experiences Semester 2 2023 programs are listed below, along with all relevant location, time and price information.

Each program runs for 10 weeks from Monday 7 August through until Saturday 21 October. Follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Please note that Curtin Experiences will not be running during the tuition-free week, Monday 4 September to Saturday 9 September (Excluding Learn to Surf).
Any cancelled classes may be moved to the ‘catch-up’ week, Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October.

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