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Unleashing Potential: How Curtin Extra shaped Fran’s university journey

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Curious about the transformative impact of Curtin Extra? Let’s meet Fran, a passionate student pursuing a Master of Sexology.

Fran’s path to studying Sexology was paved by a lifelong fascination with the human body, health, identity, interpersonal relationships and sexuality. Her interest in these topics became the driving force behind her decision to enrol in the Master of Sexology program. Her personal and professional goal is clear – to use her knowledge to make a positive impact in the field of sexology after graduation.

Fran’s journey towards pathway to sexology has taken an interesting path. After completing her Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and Master of Dietetics in 2015, she got on board on her professional journey as a dietitian. However, she loved learning, and the opportunity to help others led her to pursue her Master of Sexology part-time in 2021.

One of her favourite aspects of studying Sexology at Curtin is the “block weeks.” Living regionally in Geraldton, Fran mostly studies online, but these intensive one-week “blocks” on the Bentley campus allow her to connect with peers and fully immerse herself in the course content.

Balancing work, life, and university studies has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for Fran. Her best piece of advice for fellow students is to embrace the initial struggle when writing assignments.

“It’s helpful to ‘pour off’ the bad ideas and be comfortable with writing a bit of gobbledegook at the beginning.”

Fran’s journey at Curtin extends beyond the classroom. She joined the Curtin Extra program and embarked on a transformative interdisciplinary placement in India. This experience allowed her to work on meaningful projects within a disability organization and a government school. Living with a host family enriched her cultural understanding and broadened her perspective.

The Curtin Extra program left Fran with invaluable exposure to another country, culture, and health system. Her experience developed her perspective, and she believes will undoubtedly shape her future practice. Fran highly recommends Curtin Extra to other students.

“Having worked professionally for many years and been part of Go Global, I understand now how beneficial those ‘extra’ experiences are in strengthening our knowledge and skills, which will ultimately translate to being better clinicians.”

To maintain the balance between university life and extracurricular activities, Fran rises early to study before work, prioritises sleep and nutrition, and dedicates full days to her uni work. It’s challenging, but she vouches that it’s also incredibly rewarding. The personal highlight of her uni journey includes encountering inspiring figures in the field of sexology, her eye-opening Go Global expedition, and engaging in a placement with the Department of Health.

After graduation, Fran aspires to become a sexuality and relationship educator in schools and workplaces. She envisions taking her knowledge to the next level by pursuing a degree that will enable her to practice as a psychosexual therapist, further expanding her capacity to make a difference.

Ready to embark on your own transformative journey? Sign up for Curtin Extra this semester and unlock a world of enriching experiences today!

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