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Space and physics

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Space and physics

Curtin research unlocks supernova stardust secrets

Curtin University-led research has discovered a rare dust particle trapped in an ancient extra-terrestrial meteorite that was formed by a…


Astronomers discover 49 new galaxies in under three hours

An international team of astronomers has discovered 49 new gas-rich galaxies using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. Dr…


Astronomers produce most sensitive radio image ever of ancient star cluster

A global team of astronomers have created the most sensitive radio image ever of a globular cluster, an ancient ball…

Planetary science

Organic compounds in asteroids formed in colder regions of space: study

Analysis of organic compounds – calledpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – extracted from the Ryugu asteroid and Murchison meteorite has found…

Space and physics

International space partnership taking WA tech to new heights

Groundbreaking Curtin University technology will soon be powering interplanetary missions to the moon and beyond, after one of its brightest…

Awards and achievements

Leading researchers take up Forrest Research Fellowships at Curtin

A Curtin University astrophysicist whose research investigates how stars are destroyed by supermassive black holes, and a chemical engineering researcher…

Planetary science

Curtin ready to analyse rare asteroid rocks from epic NASA mission

Curtin University researchers are standing by to be among the first in the world to analyse precious asteroid samples due…

Planetary science

Argyle study reveals crucial third clue to finding new diamond deposits

Curtin University researchers studying diamond-rich rocks from Western Australia’s Argyle volcano have identified the missing third key ingredient needed to…


ICRAR engineers have designed ‘radio-quiet’ electronics to power the world’s largest radio telescope

A team of researchers, engineers and technicians has developed a ‘SMART box’ to power the world’s largest radio telescope.The Power…


Historic MWA milestone reached as we go ‘back to the future’ in the cosmos

A world-class telescope in outback Western Australia is on the verge of unlocking more secrets from the start of the…

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