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Campus and global community

Study finds pretty plants hog research and conservation limelight

New Curtin University research has found a ‘beauty bias’ may be holding science back. The study revealed a tendency among…

Campus and global community

Study of marine noise highlights need to protect pristine Australian waters  

New Curtin research has found urgent action is needed to ensure human-generated underwater noise in Australian waters does not escalate…


Supercomputing partnership to turbocharge Australian research and green innovation 

Curtin University and DUG Technology Ltd have entered into a decade-long partnership to collaborate in the fields of high-performance computing…

Campus and global community

Curtin research finds introduced honeybee may pose threat to native bees

A Curtin University study has found the introduced European honeybee could lead to native bee population decline or extinction when…


Study calls for urgent climate change action to secure global food supply

New Curtin University-led research has found climate change will have a substantial impact on global food production and health if…

Earth science

Curtin research finds first clues to start of Earth’s supercontinent cycle

Curtin University research has uncovered the first solid clues about the very beginning of the supercontinent cycle of Earth, finding…

Campus and global community

Curtin study finds native bees under threat from growing urbanisation

Residential gardens are a poor substitute for native bushland and increasing urbanisation is a growing threat when it comes to…

Earth science

New placement for one of Earth’s largest mass extinction events

Curtin University research has shed new light on when one of the largest mass extinction events on Earth occurred, which…

Campus and global community

Curtin study finds force of habit key to environmentally friendly cup reuse

With many cafes happy to again accept reusable cups as they adapt to the pandemic, Curtin researchers have developed a…


Report finds AI and Blockchain could transform Australia’s transport sector

Curtin University-led research has found that applications of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology are set to revolutionise the transport sector…

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