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Campus and global community

Two Curtin world-leading researchers named Academy Fellows

Two leading Curtin researchers responsible for major advances in the resources and construction industries have been elected as Fellows of…

Campus and global community

Curtin scientists unearth rare mineral from buried WA impact crater

Curtin University researchers studying core samples taken near Shark Bay have discovered an ultra-rare mineral from what may be the…

Campus and global community

WA’s national bid to lead battery energy storage research hub charges on

A Western Australian-led national consortium of industry and universities has been invited to progress to the second stage of its…


Most vulnerable households worried about summer energy bills: survey

Two-thirds of vulnerable customers were financially better off under an alternative energy pricing product trialled in regional Western Australia by…

Campus and global community

Curtin research finds smarter way to harvest solar energy for clean fuels

Curtin University researchers have developed a low-cost and environmentally friendly method to harvest energy from sunlight to produce clean fuels…


Surgical screw invention crowned overall winner at Curtinnovation Awards

An innovative orthopaedic screw that could help improve patient outcomes after complex trauma surgery has been named as the overall…

Campus and global community

Curtin research uncovers unique nesting habits of WA resin bee

Curtin University research has found that a native resin bee endemic to Western Australia is unique in using dry Banksia…

Campus and global community

Curtin University Professor named the Premier’s Scientist of the Year

Curtin University congratulates eminent global urban design and transport sustainability expert Professor Peter Newman on being named Scientist of the…

Campus and global community

Curtin researchers share secret seed recipe for better biodiversity

Curtin University researchers have developed a seed-coating technology that can help bring degraded landscapes back to life and repair damaged…

Campus and global community

Earth’s mid-life crisis – new research backs ‘lull’ in the geologic record

New research backing claims that the Earth experienced a ‘geological lull’ in its development around 2.3 to 2.2 billion years…

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