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Campus and global community

New Curtin research resurrects ‘lost’ coral species

With about one-third of the world’s corals currently under threat of extinction due to climate change, Curtin researchers have made…

Climate change & conservation

New report stimulates a ‘green wave’ to a net-zero tomorrow

Curtin University has reduced its energy consumption by three per cent every year and introduced a suite of energy reduction…

Biology and marine biology

New ‘crime scene investigation’ may save endangered carnivorous plants

Researchers have combined macro photography with DNA metabarcoding to create a new botanical “CSI” tool that may hold the key…

Climate change & conservation

Planting the seed for new soil carbon systems to address climate change

The Soil and Landscape Science Group (SLSG) at Curtin University will work with an international team to develop next generation…


New Fulbright scholar seeks to accelerate EV for the resources industry

A distinguished American engineer will collaborate with Curtin renewable energy experts to develop a model for electric vehicle charging stations,…

Campus and global community

New technique unlocks ancient history of Earth from grains of sand

Curtin researchers have developed a new technique by studying the age of ancient grains of sand from beaches, rivers and…


Curtin study finds eDNA “game-changer” to help protect native animals

Curtin University researchers have identified a “game-changing” way of protecting native animals – including pygmy possums, western bush wallabies and…

Data science

Consistent asteroid showers rock previous thinking on Mars craters

New Curtin University research has confirmed the frequency of asteroid collisions that formed impact craters on Mars has been consistent…


Australian-led study finds harvesting knowledge can transform world agriculture

Supporting On-Farm Experimentation networks and activities globally to better connect farmers and researchers could help transform the agricultural industry and…


Curtin students named prestigious New Colombo Plan scholars

Four Curtin University students will help contribute to Australia’s re-engagement with the Indo-Pacific with the planned reopening of international borders…

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