Junk Food Advertising

What makes junk food advertising so successful and how can these messages be counteracted?

Jess is joined by consumer experts Doctors Isaac Cheah and Anwar Sadat Shimul, to discuss how advertising is exacerbating health issues in Australia and worldwide, and how their research can be used to inform the public health response.

The researchers also clarify the difference between junk food and fast food, promotion and prevention-focused advertisements, and offer their thoughts on the future of the junk food industry.

  • Effect of junk food on our bodies [00:50]
  • Why is junk food advertising so successful? [03:39]
  • How consumers respond to healthy eating messages [04:59]
  • Common junk food advertising issues [09:44]
  • Future of the junk food industry [15:06]
  • What inspired the researchers to work in this area? [18:05]

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Doctors Cheah and Shimul are researchers within Curtin University’s Luxury Branding Research Centre, which aims to improve the performance of both luxury and emerging brands.

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Dr Isaac Cheah works within Curtin University’s School of Management and Marketing and the University’s Luxury Branding Research Centre.

He is the editor for theJournal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science and theassociate editor for theInternational Journal of Advertising. He has conducted consumer behaviour and marketing communications studies with Australian and international clients including AirAsia, Shiseido and HBF.

Dr Anwar Sadat Shimul works within Curtin University’s School of Management and Marketing and the University’s Luxury Branding Research Centre.

He is serving as associate editor for Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics and the Journal of the Global Scholar of Marketing Scholars. Prior to Curtin, he served as a lecturer at North South University in Bangladesh and worked as a marketing executive in Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.  

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