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Plan Your Timetable userguide

The following information has been provided to assist you in planning your timetable using the Plan Your Timetable application.

The intent of the class registration process is to allow you to register in classes that best meet your own personal requirements, within the limits of the overall classes scheduled by the University.


The terms Unit, Activity and Class are used throughout these instructions.


In order to register into classes you will make use of two different systems available via OASIS. The systems are:

  1. Plan Your Timetable, and
  2. eStudent

You may use the Plan Your Timetable link (under the My Studies Tab in OASIS) to see what class options are available and to map out a preferred timetable.

Plan Your Timetable will display all the classes for the units you select and gives details on what classes you must register for, and how many places are still available in each class.

As well as your preferred classes you should identify some alternatives in case classes are full by the time you register.

Once you have planned your timetable you register into classes. Go to the eStudent link (under the My Studies Tab in OASIS) and select the My Classes menu item, followed by the Timetabling/Class Registration link. A list of your enrolled units, that have classes scheduled, is displayed.

You can only register for a class for a unit when your enrolment for that unit has been successfully processed.

Planning your timetable

The Plan Your Timetable application can be accessed from the Unit Outlines channel in OASIS, or you can navigate straight to the application.

Plan Your Timetable is provided to help you:

  • Identify the units you could enrol in, and
  • Identify the classes that would best suit you if you did enrol in specific units.
Image shows Plan Your Timetable adding units.

How to add units

  1. Specify the year and study period you would like to view;
  2. Specify the campus;
  3. Specify the Faculty, Department, or School;
  4. If known, enter the Unit Code or Title;
  5. Click ‘Search Units’;
  6. From the generated list, select the Unit you wish to the Timetable you wish to view;
  7. Click ‘Add Unit’ to add a maximum of 6 units;
  8. When you are ready to view the timetable, press ‘View Timetable for Selected Units’.

If you are an enrolled student, the units in which you are enrolled for that year and study period will be selected automatically. You can remove these and select others if you want to look at other combinations.

If classes have been scheduled for the units for that combination of Year, Study Period and Location, then the timetable will be displayed.

The published timetable is subject to change at the University’s discretion.

Image shows units and unit running times displayed during the week on Plan Your Timetable.

In a table above the grid, the units you selected are listed. If a unit you selected does not have classes scheduled then the grid will be blank. In this case, you should contact Curtin connect and select the ‘Class registration’ category under ‘Managing your course’ to check if the unit has classes. Some units involve project work rather than attending classes.

To help you quickly identify lectures and other types of activities, classes for the same activities are coded in the same colour.

Rolling the cursor over each cell in the grid will display additional information about the class, including when and where it is to be held and the number of places still available for registration at that time. Each time you refresh the screen the ‘Places Left’ field will be updated.

To make the grid simpler to read you can choose to hide classes that are already full. Use the ‘Hide Full Classes/ Show Full Classes’ button on the right of the page to hide or display full classes.

There are situations where a particular class will be reserved for students doing specific courses or majors. Unless you meet that requirement you will not be able to register into that particular class. There will be other classes that you can select instead. Notes about reserved classes are displayed in the additional information box as ‘class comments’.

Image shows the table underneath the calender. The table displays the class details, which include the class code, day, time and order.

Below the grid is a table, with the class details sorted in day and time order, showing the same information as the grid. Class comments relating to whether the particular class has restrictions on which students can register are also displayed here.

The table can modified by selecting and unselecting specific units and clicking on the Update timetable button.

Clicking on the unit code will link you to the unit outline in the Handbook.

You can return to the first page to delete and add different units to see the effect of other combinations on a possible timetable.

If you have any queries contact Curtin Connect.

Once you have identified the units in which you wish to enrol and made a note of your preferred classes (including other preferences), logon to OASIS and select eStudent (under the My Record Tab) to register into classes.