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Three tips to better sleep

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Need some help improving your sleep?

Getting the right amount of sleep helps keep our brains and bodies functioning properly and is just as important as having a healthy diet and an exercise routine. Uni students need their brains to be operating well and the information they are learning and investing in needs to be retained and stored well. Factors like an inconsistent sleep schedule, a poor sleep environment and stress or anxiety all contribute to a poor night’s sleep, and it’s important to avoid continued periods where our weeks are filled with sleepless nights.

3 tips for better sleep

  1. Create a sleep routine
    Making sure you sleep and wake up at consistent times is one of the most effective strategies to sleeping better. Implementing a sleep ritual before bed can help signal to your body that you are safe and about to sleep.
  2. Create a ‘worry time’
    Set aside 20 minutes a day to write down all the worries rattling in your brain to combat anxiety keeping you up at night.
  3. Change your sleep environment
    Your body works on the Circadian Rhythm – minimise light in your room when sleeping and turn the ‘night-time’ mode on your devices.

Find more helpful information about better sleep in our short video

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