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Register for social sports!

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Open to all students, staff and members of the community, social sport is Curtin Stadium’s most popular program and one of the biggest social sport competitions around.

Don’t let the word ‘competition’ put you off – while there is a grading system and winners at the end of the season, it is a social competition at heart. All skill levels are welcome.

Social sport is a great way to keep active and social during the week. It’s a fantastic way to build existing friendships and make new ones, especially if you’re new to Curtin. Social sport is also a fun and efficient way to get a workout in and catch up with friends during the week if you’re someone who doesn’t have much spare time.

Sports on offer


  • Mixed basketball
  • Outdoor ladies netball
  • Open 4’s beach volleyball
  • Mixed ultimate frisbee
  • Open 5-a-side soccer


  • Men’s futsal
  • Mixed 4’s beach volleyball
  • Outdoor mixed netball
  • Ladies futsal


  • Men’s basketball
  • Ladies basketball
  • Mixed touch rugby
  • Mixed 4’s beach volleyball
  • Outdoor mixed netball


  • Mixed fustal
  • Mixed floorball
  • Indoor volleyball mixed 6’s

If you’re keen to play, then register now before you miss out!

Find out more information about Social Sport, the Stadium and other exciting programs on offer on the Curtin Stadium website.

You can also join the Curtin Stadium Social Sports Facebook Group to connect with other people and find a team to play with.

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