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Off-Campus Accommodation

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Navigating your search for affordable off-campus accommodation can be daunting but fear not! Here’s some practical insights and useful resources to help you tackle the challenges of finding accommodation outside of the university campus.

Explore budget-friendly housing options

  • Search for private rentals in suburbs like Belmont, Cannington, and St James for potentially more affordable housing options close to campus, ensuring you’ll save on transport costs while enjoying budget-friendly housing.
  • Explore homestay network options for a budget-friendly living arrangement with a local family.

Maximise online resources and tools

Temporary Stays and Short-Term Solutions

  • Explore temporary accommodations through websites like Airbnb and Stayz for initial stays upon arrival.
  • Nesuto Curtin Hotel: Inquire about short-term stays at the on-campus Nesuto Curtin Hotel
  • It’s important to note that short-term accommodation is not recommended as a long-term solution due to its typically higher costs over time.

Financial Planning for Accommodation

Seeking Financial Support

  • You might be eligible for Curtin Accommodation Scholarships, which are there to assist students facing financial difficulties
  • Check out various other scholarships available to students that may provide financial assistance while you study.

Community Support and Assistance

  • Reach out to Curtin’s Accommodation Coaches for guidance on things like
    • explaining the different types of accommodation available
    • reputable accommodation websites and search platforms
    • hotels or other short-term accommodation options
    • linking you to support and community legal services if you need tenancy advice
    • refer you to other Curtin services, support or scholarship information.
  • Connect with Curtin Student Guild for advice on housing and explore resources provided by Student Assist

Utilising these resources and insights will help your search for off-campus accommodation be more manageable and less stressful, making it easier for you to enjoy a comfortable and affordable living experience while you study.

For more information on accommodation support, visit our accommodation support page or contact Curtin Connect at 1300 222 888.

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