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Four reasons to volunteer while you’re at university

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Want to get involved in university life, but unsure where to start? Volunteering is the perfect way to ease into an extracurricular while at uni and give back to your local community.

But that’s not the only benefit of volunteering – studies have shown that volunteering can make you feel happier, healthier and provide you with a sense of belonging.

Curtin Volunteers! has opportunities to suit a variety of needs and lifestyles from ongoing projects, to one-off experiences and even weekends away, across a wide range of areas including community development, education, environment conservation and more.

And if you’re still wondering if it’s worth it, we spoke to four current Curtin Volunteers about what they gained from being a part of the program during their studies – and some of the reasons why you should consider signing up this semester.

#1 Volunteering challenges you in the best way possible

“Volunteering has been life-changing for me! CV! has encouraged me to step into challenging situations and given me a university life that I had always dreamt of as a child. Being a part of CV! means always seeing familiar faces around campus! So many of my cherished memories from Uni have been through CV! Having the opportunity to experience midnight stargazing at a vivid milky way in Busselton has to be one of my best memories yet.” – Nandu Shibu

#2 Build genuine connections with like-minded people

“Since joining Curtin Volunteers, I’ve met lots of new people, built new connections and have gained not only experience but I have also had plenty of fun whilst helping others in the community. It has enriched my time during university and will undoubtedly continue to do so.” – Sean Phay

#3 Connect with industry and plant the seeds for your future career

“Actively participating in CV events has allowed me to build a strong network within the mining industry and recently led to receiving a student vacation offer from an international mining company, who recognised my dedication, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. CV! has provided invaluable personal and professional growth opportunities while connecting me with like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference.” – Saikiran Madishetti

#4 Gain transferable skills to take with you throughout life

“I have gained insight, friendship, good karma, fun, experience, transferable skills (such as communication, time management, punctuality, confidence), and beautiful volunteering certificates.” – Louise Kaestner

If you’re ready to get involved in volunteering, visit the Curtin Volunteers! portal to discover all the available opportunities and sign-up for semester 2.

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