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Your Cheat Sheet to Curtin Spaces and Campus Facilities  

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TL Robertson Library

Heading into week 5 and still don’t feel like you are making the most of the campus?

Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner for focused study, a relaxing spot to unwind between classes, we have created your new go-to guide to make the most of Curtin’s spaces and facilities:   

Spaces to Study 

Computer Labs: Curtin Bentley Campus has three major computer labs known as Abacus labs in Buildings 408, 303, and 501, open seven days a week. You can also find computer labs available at the Curtin Kalgoorlie Campus nestled within the library, that offer extended opening hours during exam periods.   

Library Study Spaces: Needing an area to practice a group presentation? Or an uninterrupted study space for you and your teammates?  Book a room at the TL Robertson Library here. Don’t feel the pressure of finding a space in the library again! 

Outdoor Study Spots: If you prefer studying outside whilst it is still sunny and warm, bask in the sunshine whilst doing your readings.  There are a variety of outdoor desks and chairs located at the north end of campus, near IGA and Curtin Central Bus station; a perfect place to study in the sun or shade whilst waiting for your bus.   

Building 418: If you need natural light to stay focused, and cannot operate without a window view, Building 418 on the North end of Bentley campus is the place for you. There are a variety of study nooks, collaboration hubs, and a makerspace (Plus, it is right near Exchange Hub for that much-needed sweet treat break).  


Spaces To Relax 

The Creative Quarter The Creative Quarter is a great place to cosy into a bean bag and rest between classes. Every fortnight, enjoy the event Barefoot Lunch event with food trucks, live music, games and entertainment.  There are also food trucks stationed at the Creative Quarter and the Hex, serving up options every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The trucks aren’t always the same, so be sure to check the Explore Curtin Page for the weekly updates on which trucks, cuisines and options will visit campus.   

The Hammock Hotels: Swing into relaxation mode at Hammock Hotels situated on the south sides of TL Robertson Library.  

Tranquil Gardens: The East side of campus, often the forgotten side of campus has the sculpture garden and the spiritual garden, the perfect locations to switch off and find solace in your lunchtime break.  

John Curtin Gallery: Immerse yourself in artistic endeavours at one of WA’s major public art gallery. It is open to everyone, free and showcases hosts ever-changing exhibitions from local, international and Indigenous artists. It’s open every day except Saturday, and currently is hosting exhibitions from Susan Flavell and Robert Fielding for the Perth Festival.  

Hayman Theatre: Curtin’s Hayman Theatre Company is the showcase for students studying Theatre Arts at Curtin, the longest-established tertiary theatre course in Western Australia. Come along to a Sunday Night Theatre show or pop by during the week for free lunchtime theatre. The 2024 Sunday Night Theatre ‘Autumn’ program includes comedies, new works and contemporary drama.  


Curtin Stadium: Engage in physical activities at Curtin Stadium, that hosts a full three-court indoor arena, gym, group fitness classes, and outdoor courts and fields.  

Bike-Friendly Campus: Explore the university and its surroundings safely with a network of shared paths, complemented by ample bike parking facilities. This map shows the best areas to securely store your bike, and what facilities (such as showers and changerooms) are available at each bike pod.   

Health Services: Access campus-based health services including a physiotherapy clinic and a medical centre for comprehensive healthcare support. Know you are always supported as a Curtin student with our range of health and wellbeing services based conveniently on campus.    

Student Kitchen: There are a variety of student kitchens around campus. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and cereal, or even microwaves and fridges allowing you to bring in your delicious leftovers. Find student kitchens at the Guild, TL Robertson Library, the engineering pavilion and other common spaces. 

Faith and Religious Facilities: There are various faith services and facilities, including multi-faith rooms, clubs, and religious events catering to diverse denominations. Some of the resources include the Musallla, a prayer and meditation room and religious equity arrangements. If you would like to explore the range of faiths, events and visiting chaplains at Curtin University, check this link here

Childcare: Benefit from childcare programs offered at the Early Childhood Centre, on the South end of the Bentley campus. The centre provides nurturing, learning-focused programs based on play for the children of students, staff, and the wider community.   

Enjoy exploring campus!

Navigating the vast offerings of study spaces and facilities enriches your academic journey, and fosters an encouraging environment for growth, exploration, and success.

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