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3 things to ❤ about OASIS My Campus

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Ever walked past an amazing event on campus and wondered why you didn’t hear about it beforehand? Do your classmates keep upskilling in workshops that you missed the invite for?

If you want to participate more in student life on campus or online then you need to utilise the My Campus tab on your OASIS dashboard. You already need to use OASIS for important uni tasks and updates from Curtin, but with all your units, student email, library searches and your class planner – you may have missed the functionality of the ‘’My Campus’’ tab.

3 things to ❤ about OASIS My Campus

  1. The My Campus tab is the student life event section in OASIS

It is the tab where you can find academic, extracurricular and fun events suitable for a range of backgrounds and study modes. You will find all the details about each event and be able to save your spot if places are limited.

  1. ❤ your favourites

You can favourite events that interest you and keep track of what’s coming up in your own ‘’My Upcoming Events‘’ feed. Select the little heart in the top right-hand corner, then your selected events will appear pinned to the top of your My Campus tab.

  1. Get the most out of uni

The My Campus tab is designed for you to easily engage with your university experience beyond just your studies. Broaden your lens and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone by trying out an array of activities such as taking a leadership course, volunteering, mentoring, or upskilling your emotional IQ and mental wellness with workshops and courses. Discover opportunities to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, languages and reconciliation, or participate in events that show your allyship to LGBTIQ+ community. University is a wonderful time to explore and cultivate new passions.

My Campus tab also has a useful link tree with Student Essentials, Personal support links, and On-Campus resources for helping you navigate campus and stay safe.

Here is a look at how it all functions:


Login to OASIS to explore the My Campus tab and ❤ your favourites today.

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