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Society and culture

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Art and design

Free to be you and me? A ‘pulse check’ of LGBTIQA+ rights in South-East Asia

In November 2017 Australia said ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage and writ into law the right for all people, regardless of…

Campus and global community

Let them speak: Translanguaging in the classroom

Letting Aboriginal children use all their languages and dialects to make meaning could improve their engagement in the classroom and…

Campus and global community

Reviving the coffee industry in Papua New Guinea

If you had an espresso coffee this morning, it’s likely that some of the beans in your brew came from…

Art and design

Changing the narrative with audio description

It’s a stormy summer evening and two picnickers are watching the sun set over the ocean. One is filled with…

Awards and achievements

Curtin student named Law Student of the Year at annual awards

A Curtin University law student has been named the Law Student of the Year at the 2019 Women in Law…

Art and design

New biodiversity research project aims to heal land and people

An innovative new research project will aim to advance reconciliation in Australia by bringing together scientific expertise, history and Indigenous…

Art and design

Reactive realities: VR in the chemistry classroom

Atoms, molecules and chemical bonds – the molecular world that chemists explore with fascination is not visible, even with a…

Campus and global community

Annual Curtin literary event aims to bring words to life beyond the page

Chinese and Australian writers will discuss how to bring their works to life beyond the page through art and society…

Campus and global community

Curtin Law School student named 2020 John Monash Scholar

A Curtin University Indigenous law student will be studying a Master of Laws at Columbia University in the United States…

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

New WA employment hub invests in Indigenous business

A new multi-million dollar employment hub in Perth could be the answer to soaring demand for Indigenous business in WA,…

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