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Society and culture

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Art and design

Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance enriches student’s creative work on Scotland’s witch trials

Atop a small hill in Orkney, a town in the Northern Isles of Scotland, pink flowers sprout from the middle…

Art and design

Getting clever with big data to understand the spread of ISIS propaganda

Through a combination of big data analysis and multimodal discourse analysis, Curtin researchers are providing valuable insight into how meaning…

Art and design

Australian TV well behind in accessibility for vision impaired

More than 453,000 Australians are known to live with blindness or vision impairment. Despite this substantial number, Australia remains the…

Art and design

Ground-breaking TV studies book turns 40

In 1978, humanities scholars worldwide were profoundly affected by the release of Reading Television, a book by UK Professors John…

Art and design

Australia needs pop culture tourism – here’s why

Alnwick Castle, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Matamata. Many people will never have heard of these locations, but to the devout few,…

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Curtin’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies is breaking down barriers to Indigenous higher education

Australian universities have achieved a 70 per cent growth in Indigenous enrolments in the past decade1, yet attrition rates remain…

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Bringing the stories home: the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project

Warning: This story contains an image of an Indigenous person who has passed away. The primary aim of the Wirlomin…

Campus and global community

New international digital media partners support Curtin’s global growth

Curtin University has appointed two international digital media and creative agency partners to further support the University’s functions as a…

Campus and global community

Curtin Education Awards showcase excellence amongst recent graduates

Recent graduates from Curtin University’s School of Education have been recognised for their academic achievements and commitment to the field…

Art and design

Cutting-edge film studio gives students a glimpse into their future careers

Curtin University screen arts and journalism students will have access to a high-definition film and television studio after the official…

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