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Four reasons to apply for a scholarship this year 

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Whether you’re interested in unique opportunities overseas, financial support, or programs to give you a headstart in your career, scholarships can ease your path through study – and even make the journey more rewarding.  

At Curtin, we grant hundreds of scholarships every year to students from all backgrounds. Some are merit-based, others are need-based. But before we delve into the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship, let’s recap the fundamentals! 

What is a scholarship? 

A scholarship is a financial award given to you as a student to support your education. Unlike loans, you don’t need to repay a scholarship, which can make them invaluable in alleviating the cost of higher education. Scholarships can be merit-based – awarded for your academic achievements, leadership qualities or specific talents – or need-based, opening the door to higher education if you e.g. live regionally or are in financial need.  

What scholarship is right for you? 

At Curtin, we offer a wide range of different scholarships to nurture academic excellence and make university education more accessible. Find out more about the types of scholarships we have available and hear how our students have been impacted by their scholarship experiences. 

Merit scholarships 

If you’re a high achiever, our merit-based scholarships are designed to support and encourage you to pursue your academic and professional goals. We offer a range of scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional skills, achievements, or potential in their chosen field of study. These include our John Curtin Scholarship Program, Curtin Excellence Scholarship and prestigious, international scholarships like Rhodes, Fulbright and New Colombo.  

View all our merit scholarships 

Hear from engineering and finance student Patrick who shares how his Curtin Excellence Scholarship has opened the door to volunteering and leadership opportunities: 

Need-based scholarships 

If you’re facing financial, geographical or educational challenges, our need-based scholarships can help make studying at Curtin more accessible. There are scholarships designed to meet a wide range of personal circumstances, and scholarships specifically applicable to certain courses and faculties. For example, if university is financially out of reach, scholarships like Curtin STAR, the Equity Scholarship Program and Allison Taylor Single Mum Scholarship can help. If you live regionally and need help with relocation costs to study in Perth, you can apply for scholarships like our Home Away from Home Scholarship or Harry Perkins Memorial Scholarship.  

View all our need-based scholarships. 

Hear from social work student Ellecha who shares the life-changing impact of the two scholarships she received: 

First Nations scholarships

If you’re from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, we offer scholarships based on academic excellence and financial need to help you achieve your goals. These include our Moorditj Yorga and Moortditj Maaman scholarships which empower First Nations men and women to return to their communities as strong leaders and role models, accommodation scholarships to assist with living costs like the Second Home Scholarship and Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship, as well as a wide range of course-specific scholarships. These include the Indigenous Allied Health Scholarship, Business and Law Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship, and Kaartdijin Booja Scholarship for students looking to harness their passion and connection to country with a degree in urban and regional planning. 

You can view all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarships online or download our brochure. 

Hear from Leanne who is studying remotely to become a primary education teacher: 

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarships

If you’re a postgraduate student looking to help fund your living expenses while pursuing a research degree, we offer various scholarships to support your studies. Our HDR scholarships can help offset the cost of living with stipends, tuition fee offsets and more. Whether you’re specialising in machine learning, mammals or health equity, our scholarships can help you advance your career.  

View our Higher Degree by Research scholarships

Global Curtin scholarships

If you’re an international student looking to study at Curtin, you may be eligible for one of our Global Curtin scholarships. These include our Alumni and Family Scholarship for students with strong personal and family ties to Curtin, our Australian Year 12 Scholarship if you’ve successfully completed an Australian high school qualification in Australia or overseas, and our Merit Scholarship for high achievers.   

Find out more about our international student scholarships.  

Four reasons why you should apply

So now you know (a lot!) more about our scholarships, we’ve put together a quick summary of the key benefits to you: 

1. Financial support 

This may seem obvious but it’s worth emphasising – one of the greatest benefits of receiving a scholarship is the financial relief it can bring. Scholarships can cover the cost of your student-related expenses, such as textbooks, accommodation or laptops, helping relieve financial pressure, and allowing you to focus on your studies and professional goals. If you live regionally, it can be daunting to set yourself up in a new city, away from family and friends. Receiving relocation assistance can help pave the way for a smoother start to university.  

“Having grown up in Dongara [351 kilometres north-northwest of Perth], I am aware how difficult it is for country people at university. I was inspired by my cousin who is a nurse and knew I needed to relocate to Perth to study nursing. I am the first in my immediate family to go to university and very proud of my journey so far. Fortunately, I received a scholarship from Curtin which enables me to board at the residential college. 

I believe the Home Away from Home Scholarship is a game changer. I’m so grateful I was given this opportunity to thrive. I have never been happier!” 

Charlotte Smith 

Hear from occupational therapy student Nathaniel, a Ballardong Wiilman man from Collie, who describes how receiving the Curtin STAR scholarship made university possible: 

2. Personal growth 

Applying for a scholarship is a great exercise in learning how to advocate for yourself and how to recognise and sell your skills, strengths and qualities. The experience can build your confidence and help you hone your written communication and interview skills. If you’re successful in being awarded a scholarship, it can be a great way to set your resume apart when looking for work. If tertiary education has previously been out of reach, the opportunity to study can open new doors, helping you achieve your professional goals, and create generational change. 

“I am a Bundjalung woman from Grafton, NSW. I have worked extensively in the community development sector, and I still do on a part-time basis. The Moorditj Yorga Scholarship not only placed me in a better position financially, but also gave me a confidence boost to continue my studies to the best of my ability. When I graduate, I intend to establish my own national Indigenous consultancy business. My positive experience at Curtin prompted me to encourage my daughter to enrol in tertiary studies.”  

Janelle Brown 

3. A bigger network 

Scholarships can be an amazing way to build your network and meet like-minded people. As a scholarship recipient, you might have access to unique peer mentoring programs, outreach initiatives or volunteer projects in the community. You could also choose to grow your global network with exciting travel and study opportunities. 

Hear John Curtin Scholarship Program recipient Orla describe the benefits of mentoring and community: 

4. Travel opportunities 

From policy fellowships in Switzerland to marine conservation internships in Fiji to working at Interpol in Singapore, our scholarships can offer you exciting global experiences to broaden your horizons. 

Hear from New Colombo Plan scholarship recipient Conor who describes his unique and life-changing experiences in Hong Kong and Mongolia: 

Ready to apply? 

It’s easier than you think! Once you’ve narrowed down which scholarships you’re eligible for, follow our simple guide to prepare and submit your application. 

Your step-by-step guide to applying for a scholarship 

You can also sign up for our Scholarship Email Alert and receive a notification whenever a scholarship opens for applications that matches your criteria. 

Hear what our students have to say about the application process:  

Still have questions? 

We’d love to help. You can read our scholarships FAQs or get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction! You can contact us on 1300 222 888 during business hours or drop in to Curtin Connect

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