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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Undergraduate major

Learn to manage the flow of goods and services from supplier to customer in the safest, fastest and most cost-effective way.

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    Logistics and Supply Chain Management Major
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Course outline

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Course outline

What can I do with a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Get involved in ecommerce

Join the booming ecommerce industry, where your expertise in logistics and procurement is critically important to ensuring seamless order fulfillment and delivery for online retailers.

Lead sustainable business practices

Pursue a career as a sustainability manager, working to find eco-friendly solutions, reduce waste, and implement sustainable practices in the supply chain.

Fill a national skills gap

Harness your skills as a procurement manager to take advantage of great job prospects in Australia, where there’s a national shortage of skilled professionals in this field. (2024)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management



Logistics and supply chain professionals manage the supply of goods and services from the supplier to the customer.

Today’s supply chain networks go beyond traditional functions, providing advanced distribution methods that include sustainable practices and innovative technologies for improved efficiency and resilience. Logistics and supply chain professionals are pivotal to navigating network disruptions and fostering sustainable solutions.

In this major, you’ll learn foundations and techniques of supply chain management, purchasing, procurement and systems analysis and design. You’ll gain experience in project and operations management, and look at strategic procurement issues such as competitive conduct, strategy, logistics, management, and sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impacts from logistics and supply chain management.

Supply chain digitalisation and demand-planning are increasingly important in this fast-evolving industry, and this course enables you to build solid expertise in both areas. You’ll also develop valuable skills in supply chain optimisation through the use of innovative simulation technologies.

Globally, the demand for professionals with expertise in logistics and supply chain management is high, with opportunities to work internationally for multinational corporations and logistics firms. You could also increase your career options with study in a complementary area. For example, expertise in automation, blockchain technologies and big data is increasingly desired in supply chain management.

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What jobs can the Logistics and Supply Chain Management course lead to?

  • Inventory manager
  • Logistics coordinator/manager
  • Procurement officer/manager
  • Purchasing officer/manager
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Transport manager

What jobs can a Logistics and Supply Chain Management double major lead to? 

What you'll learn

  • Appraise logistics and supply chain management concepts, theories, practices, and strategies in a rapidly evolving business environment, GC1
  • Create responsible, ethical, and sustainable solutions within global, national, and local supply chain contexts, GC2, GC4
  • Reflect upon supply chain innovations with a focus on ethics, technology, and sustainability, GC4
  • Demonstrate analytical and communication skills to work effectively within diverse, collaborative business environments, GC3, GC4
  • Explain how technology and digitalisation are implemented in best practice supply chain processes, GC3, GC6

Why study Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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During my course, I was able to take part in a range of hands-on learning opportunities such as in-class supply chain simulations, a business-specific study tour to Dubai and an internship within the resources sector. The Curtin campus is a fantastic environment to study in.

Rogan Pringle
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  • Last updated on: 19 July 2024

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