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International Business

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Expand your horizons, learning to work across different cultures, markets and business practices.

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Course outline

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Course outline

What can I do with a degree in International Business

Innovation and market expansion

Help businesses identify new international markets, driving responsible growth and creating meaningful job opportunities.

Contribute to international operations

Collaborate on projects that develop communities, create job opportunities, provide employment, and improve infrastructure.

Improve cross-cultural relations

Contribute to fostering better understanding and relationships with people from different cultures and countries, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration among nations.

International Business



Different countries and cultures have different ways of doing business, and multinational businesses need skilled business professionals to monitor and manage their overseas business operations.

For a successful career in international business, you not only need advanced business skills, but also the cultural competency to adapt to working in different countries.

In this course you will develop high-level skills in management, problem-solving, planning, organising and managing change, with a global business approach.

You’ll learn how to analyse international markets and business systems and how to navigate your way around international business environments. You’ll also gain the communication skills that enable you to work in cross-cultural teams.

This course has a high practical component and includes industry-based projects and case studies. You also have the option of studying a cultural studies specialisation such as Asian Studies (which includes Chinese and Japanese languages), Korean Studies or Japanese Language.

The interdisciplinary nature of this course means you'll gain flexible skills that can be applied across many different areas, including logistics, marketing, sales, procurement, and finance.

Parent degrees

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Our Commerce degree also offers additional opportunities to customise your course by offering specialisations as well as majors.

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What jobs can the International Business course lead to?

  • Exporter
  • Foreign investment analyst
  • Foreign trade consultant
  • Global supply chain manager
  • Importer
  • International development manager
  • International marketing manager 
  • International sales executive 
  • International trader

What jobs can an International Business double major lead to?

What you'll learn

  • Apply knowledge, principles and concepts to understand and appreciate management issues and challenges in managing career and conducting business globally (especially in the Asia Pacific region), GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4
  • Think critically, creatively and reflectively by engaging with industry to manage and lead effectively in international environment and cross-cultural situation (including first nation peoples globally), GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4, GC5, GC6
  • Access, evaluate and synthesise information from relevant sources and communicate in ways appropriate to the management discipline for cross-cultural audiences and contexts, GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4, GC5
  • Use and apply technologies, recognising their advantages and limitations when applied to managing internationally, GC1, GC2, GC3, GC4, GC5
  • Actively support the value of ethical practice, professional integrity and cultural diversity in improving business and professional practices globally, GC2, GC3, GC4, GC5, GC6

Why study International Business


Our business courses are reviewed by an Advisory Network, made up of more than 50 members of industry, ensuring that you’ll graduate with a skillset aligned with industry needs.

An elite business school

Curtin Business School is recognised as an elite global business school through accreditation by EQUIS, AACSB International and an EFMD Accredited MBA.

Professionally recognised

You may be eligible for membership of the Australian Institute of Management.

Professional recognition

Graduates may be eligible for membership of the Australian Institute of Management.

I chose this course to get out of my comfort zone – I’m from Germany, so I wanted to see how being away from my friends and family would shape me. I enjoyed the cultural diversity of my classes; it developed my intercultural communication skills. I also learned to think differently and challenge the status quo.

Marco Feelisch
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  • Curtin course code: MJRU-INTBU
  • Last updated on: 24 July 2024

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