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What to Do in Your First Few Weeks at University

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For a lot of students, the first couple of weeks at university can be really exciting but also really overwhelming. It’s a completely different routine and environment to the one you were used to in high school, so it’s normal to feel a bit lost and unprepared. Here are some helpful things to do during your first few weeks to set yourself up for a successful first semester.

Make sure you have your student ID card and current year student sticker. Your ID card identifies you as a student and grants you access to certain buildings and services on campus (and is essential at exam time!) so it’s important to get one as early as possible. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, find out how to do it here. Once you’ve received your card, head over to Curtin Connect to collect your current year student sticker as proof of enrolment.

Take note of all important dates and deadlines. Have a read through your unit outlines and write down all of the important dates and deadlines (e.g. assignment due dates, presentation weeks, mandatory lectures, etc.) in your calendar or diary. This might feel overwhelming at first but it will help you stay organised and prevent you from leaving things until the last minute.

Try to meet new people. Making friends at university can be scary but so rewarding – some of the people you meet in your first week could end up being your life-long friends. Try making conversation with someone in your tutorial, joining a club or attending the start-up party at the Tav. For more tips on how to make friends at university check out this article.

Do your homework. As much as you might not want to, it really is important to do your homework in the first week of university. This will get you off to a good start and help you get into the habit of doing your work each week so that it doesn’t pile up later on in the semester.

Take it slow. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed during your first couple of weeks at university, but try to remain calm and keep things in perspective. Don’t think too much about everything you have to get done over the semester and instead focus on what you have to do this week. Remember to take breaks as well!

Written by mass communications student Kelsey Tang

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