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Want to know how to navigate the digital world? Our video series is for you.

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Image for Want to know how to navigate the digital world? Our video series is for you.

Have you used Chat GPT to search for an answer? Adobe Express to create a design? Bing AI to generate an image? Do you have a Google Home that controls the Internet of Things in your house?

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate. It’s permeating almost every aspect of our lives, from assisting us at work, to selecting music for us, to even helping us complete our uni degrees.

As a uni student, understanding and navigating this digital world is in your best interest – it’ll not only give you an advantage for when you enter the workforce but it’s essential for succeeding in an AI-driven future.

If you’re grappling with questions around how AI can help you on your university journey, and whether it even should, Curtin has produced a short YouTube series for you.

Be prepared for the world of tomorrow

Navigating the Digital World, a new Curtin production, takes a deep dive into topics surrounding AI in high education, from raising questions around academic integrity and ethical considerations, to understanding the role of critical thinking in an AI-driven era and exploring how AI might shape the future of education.

This six-episode series features a range of leading Curtin academics and industry professionals, including Dr Glynn Greensmith, Associate Professor Lesley Sefcik, LinkedIn’s Becky Tyler and more, as they explore the concerns raised by the presence of AI in higher education and ask questions around how AI can empower the next generation of industry leaders.

Throughout the series, you’ll learn how to maintain authenticity throughout the creative process, discern truth from misinformation, consider how we might safe guard our privacy and data, and most importantly, discover how AI and technological evolution will shape the future of work and your role within it.

What are you waiting for? Watch the entire series now.

Or get started with episode one below.

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