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Update | Directory Consolidation OneDrive Data Migration

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Student sitting on a sofa with a laptop.

We continue to face unexpected delays in migrating some student files on OneDrive (including OneNote) after our recent Directory Consolidation migration

Our team are actively working to resolve this issue as our top priority and are actively exploring alternative methods to expedite the migration of the remaining files.

As we transfer the remaining documents to some students’ OneDrive, you may notice copies of some documents appearing. This will occur in rare circumstances where you have recently edited or accessed a document that has been migrated without some document metadata or properties (i.e. author, subject, date created, etc.).

The duplicate copy of the file will contain those missing properties in case you need to reference these at some point in the future. Importantly, the document you have recently accessed or modified will not be changed to ensure you do not lose data.

We acknowledge this is inconvenient for the few students affected by this impact and we are doing everything we can to reduce and minimise this impact.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these delays.

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