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UniPASS Myths

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UniPASS sessions are a great way to help with revising not only in preparation for upcoming tests and exams but to also improve your overall study skills.

Below we debunk a few of the commonly held beliefs about UniPASS that can make it seem like it’s not an option for everyone.

Myth #1 – UniPASS is only for students who are struggling

Wrong! UniPASS is available for and benefits all students that attend, with those who regularly attend UniPASS sessions averaging improved marks of at least 10%.

While you should definitely attend UniPASS if you are struggling or failing a unit, UniPASS also works for students who are already performing well and want to improve on their marks and study habits. Many attendees end up with results in the 80s or 90s!

Myth #2 – You can’t start coming to UniPASS sessions halfway through the semester

Wrong! Students can attend UniPASS sessions whenever they feel like they need additional support or extension (or want to meet new people) throughout the semester. New students with fresh ideas and questions are always welcomed!

Myth #3 – UniPASS adds extra tasks to your workload

Wrong! UniPASS sessions are all about supporting and reinforcing the coursework from your normal tutorials and lectures with interactive, activity based learning, NOT to add more homework or assignments to your workload.

In fact, you can REDUCE your study load ‘at home’ by attending UniPASS and getting more out of your hour with the guided revision from experienced students.

Not only will your marks improve from attending UniPASS sessions, but it is a great opportunity to make connections with your fellow classmates and improve your communication and teamwork skills.

Find out if your unit has a UniPASS Session available.

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