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The benefits of online learning

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From studying in the comfort of your own home to saving time on your commute, online learning definitely has its advantages! Below are five benefits to online learning you may not have thought about.

  1. Online learning is self-paced

Unlike internal lectures, workshops and tutorials where you are required to go at the pace of the lecturer, tutor and other classmates, online learning is self-paced. This means you can take as much or as little time as you need on different tasks or topics without feeling as though you are wasting other’s time. Self-paced learning also allows you to go back over topics whenever you need to throughout your study and learning.

  1. Online learning is on-demand

Unlike internal learning where there are certain times that classes are on, online learning materials can be accessed whenever they suit you. The ability to choose when you do your online modules or learning content allows greater flexibility of your schedule. If an assignment takes longer than you expect, you will not miss the start of your lecture as it starts when you are able to press play!

  1. Online learning is multimodal

More than just the humble PowerPoint, online learning can incorporate many forms of media there may not be time or resources for during internal lectures, workshops and tutorials. Online courses often include animations, videos, suggestions for books and documentaries you can also look into, downloadable resources and links. These different knowledge avenues can be great for individuals who find listening to a talk, or watching a video to be less effective; different modes of information means you can pick what suits you and your learning style best.

  1. Online learning can be private

Asking a question in class can sometimes be an intimidating experience. Through online private learning, if you do not understand a concept, you are able to pause what you are learning and search for an answer or clearer explanation yourself before continuing on with the content. Online students can also contact their unit coordinators, other student or appropriate resources to ask a question and prompt a one on one conversation about the topic that can help further understanding.

  1. Online learning can be communal

To counteract this, online learning can also be as communal as you would like it to be. Most online courses are equipped with a discussion board or community space in which students can discuss assignments, talk to other students and ask questions for the group facilitator to answer. Video conferencing can also be a great way to get together with other classmates and work through problems together. It is important to remember there is always help available when you need it.

Next time you’re studying online, be sure to remember all of the benefits you are receiving and utilise them to your full advantage.

Written by public relations student Taysha Sullivan

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