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Study tips: students give their best advice

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We hope your exam prep is going well! If you need a little extra push to get through, check out these study tips from students:


“My number one study tip is to create a manageable and realistic daily to-do list. Studying for exams can feel overwhelming and often it is hard to know where to start. The to-do list can help you feel accomplished and stay on track!”

Ellise, Peer Academic Mentor


“I love giving fake Tedx talks to myself and pretending to teach an empty classroom! Reasoning behind: if you are at the stage where you can teach someone, then it’s pretty well in ya noggin.”

Grace, UniPASS Peer Learning Facilitator


“Spend some time going over the learning outcomes and pay attention in class for the ‘hints’ that direct you to the important things to study. Spend more time practicing and applying your knowledge, rather than reading the textbook and summarising.”

Simonne, Peer Academic Mentor


“I actually used to run fake tutorials with my friends – drawing diagrams on whiteboards and such.”

Liam, previous UniPASS Peer Learning Facilitator


“Something I always do is break my study down! I’ll print off a calendar working backwards from the exam date, and this lets me plan my study better. For example, I’ll know that three days out I’ve gone through all the content and can then focus on practice questions. It’s a great way to feel accomplished, hit milestones and keep you on track.”

Amy, Peer Academic Mentor


“My best study tip is to teach your dog the content since they’ll look at you adorably to motivate you and you will learn how to simplify the content.”

John, UniPASS Peer Learning Facilitator


“For open-book, essay related exams, I would compile all my notes together, and create markings with post-it notes so I know where are all the information I need. I would also make sure I understand the content thoroughly, and make sure I’m not just reading off my notes.

Some of the ways I make sure that I understand the content is active recall (take a blank paper and jot down everything I understand) and applying the content to case studies/practice questions.

Another helpful way of ensuring I understand the concept is to explain it to someone who does not know about the topic. This ensures I understood the content thoroughly!”

Azriel, Peer Academic Mentor

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