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Revocation of COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

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Curtin University has decided to revoke its COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and COVID-19 Vaccination Procedures.

This means that in Western Australia, you will not be required to provide evidence of your vaccination status to attend campus or participate in Curtin activities, unless required by the State Government (for example, for students on placements in health care settings).

This decision was made following a period of engagement with our staff, staff representatives and the Curtin Student Guild.

The main reason for the decision is that there is now reliable evidence from government sources that COVID-19 vaccinations give less protection against infection and transmission of Omicron and its subvariants than it did in respect of previous variants of the virus, and that the protection against infection and transmission that it does give wanes relatively quickly over time.

We also know that with the Policy in place for the first part of the year, Curtin has very high vaccination rates (including of first boosters), so most of our community have strong protection against severe illness.

For these and other reasons, Curtin no longer considers that the vaccination mandate is a proportional, or reasonably practicable, control measure in relation to the risks of COVID-19.

However, strong evidence remains that vaccinations are safe and effective and provide good protection against severe illness from COVID-19. Curtin strongly encourages you to remain up to date with vaccinations, including boosters as they become available. Please speak to your health care provider if you have any questions.

Winter boosters are now available to certain cohorts, including anyone aged 30 and over. Curtin Health Service is offering the winter booster to all eligible students that hold a current Medicare card. Bookings can be made by calling 9266 7345 or through the website.


Curtin encourages students and staff to wear masks, particularly in situations when physical distancing is not practical. You may be required to wear a mask in some areas of Curtin that are higher risk.

Other remaining controls

Curtin has many other measures in place to control the risks of COVID-19, that it will continue to implement for the foreseeable future. These include:

  • increased fresh air flow in Curtin ventilation systems that allow for it and running exhaust systems and air conditioning for longer periods;
  • cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as kitchens, toilets and handrails more often;
  • encouraging people to not attend campus if they are unwell;
  • following hygiene protocols – such as cleaning shared spaces before use, avoiding unnecessary physical contact, covering your mouth/nose when you cough or sneeze and ensuring regular hand hygiene; and
  • encouraging physical distancing.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Policy that made it a success, and your continued support to manage the risks of COVID-19 at Curtin.

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