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Release of the 2021 National Student Safety Survey results

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Image for Release of the 2021 National Student Safety Survey results

I am extremely grateful to all the students who shared their thoughts and experiences through the 2021 National Student Safety Survey, including 1,138 Curtin students. The results of the survey are being released today.

I empathise deeply with anyone who has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment. I also understand that recalling these experiences through completing the survey may have been very difficult.

I would like to thank those who shared their stories for their bravery and I assure them the results will enable Curtin, and all universities, to make campuses safer for everyone.

Curtin’s survey results can be found online. The national report of the 2021 NSSS is available on the NSSS website.

We are always seeking to make our campuses safer and more supportive and will continue our efforts to make sure students know how to access the wide range of support we offer, including initiatives such as 24/7 security teams, Respectful Relationships training for all students, training for student-facing staff and improved internal processes to encourage disclosures and access support. The Curtin Student Guild is an important partner for the University in this work.

The release of the survey and the discussion of these matters can be very difficult for people who have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, no matter where or when it happened.  Curtin’s Safer Community Team is available 24/7 to accept disclosures of sexual assault or harassment, and to assist all members of the Curtin community to access any support. They can be contacted on 9266 4444 or

Support is also available during working hours through Curtin Psychological and Counselling Services (9266 7850) and the Student Wellbeing Team (1800 244 043 or

We realise that some members of the Curtin community may find the release of the 2021 National Student Safety Survey triggering, and accordingly additional counselling support will be available this weekend. To access this support, call the Safer Community Team on 9266 4444.

Professor Harlene Hayne


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