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Prepare for Uni this semester with UniSkills

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Whether your starting university for the first time, or heading into your final year, the Library’s UniSkills program is here to help you develop your study and assignment writing skills, tighten up your referencing or give you a refresher on your stats knowledge.

Here are four reasons to prepare for the upcoming semester using our free UniSkills program!

You’ll become a referencing pro

Referencing is a crucial aspect of academic writing, and mastering it can significantly elevate the quality of your assignments. UniSkills provides comprehensive guides for popular referencing styles such as APA 7th, Chicago 17th B, AGLC, and Vancouver. The ‘Writing with Integrity’ course not only teaches you the art of referencing but also covers vital elements like academic integrity, quoting, paraphrasing, summarising, synthesising, and more.

You’ll expand your digital skills

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, having proficient digital skills is essential. UniSkills offers a course that delves into Microsoft Word and Excel, EndNote essentials, along with the ’23 things’ short courses. Additionally, you can learn to create web-based Qualtrics surveys and get up to scratch with the fundamentals of Generative AI. These skills are not only beneficial for your current coursework but also serve as an investment in your future career.

You’ll learn the tools to ace your assignments

Completing uni assignments can be like taking a road trip. There’s a few places you have to pass through on the way to your destination. The assignment skills course breaks down the journey, guiding you through researching, reading, writing, and referencing. You’ll gain insights into unpacking assignment questions, effective searching, note-taking, and evaluation. With this course, you’ll learn how to write your assignments with confidence and clarity.

You’ll refresh your stats skills

Mathematics can be challenging, but UniSkills has your back. The free numeracy skills program covers everything from basic numerical concepts like decimals, percentages, and fractions to solving algebraic equations and interpreting statistics. Whether you need a quick stats refresher or are encountering these concepts for the first time, this program equips you with the tools needed for success in your studies.

If you’re unsure about which UniSkills course you should take to suit your study needs, take the Library’s quiz! Alternatively, explore the UniSkills website for more information.

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