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Looking to level up your study habits?

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Image for Looking to level up your study habits?

The end of semester is just around the corner, and for most of us, exam anxiety is starting to kick in. If you are feeling underprepared to tackle the upcoming examinations and feel like success is out of reach, fret not! There’s still plenty of time to take control of your studies and begin your exam preparations. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey to success.

Stick to a schedule

    Remember that study schedule you made earlier on in the semester? It is not too late to blow off the dust and follow it. If you have yet to make one, start now. Create a study plan that fits around your other responsibilities and make sure you stick to it.

    Revising everyday keeps the exam stress away

    Contrary to popular belief, cramming will not give you the results you deserve. The best way around this dilemma? Revise every day. Tackling your study load in smaller chunks will eliminate the need to cram and will help you remember the content better.

    A few minutes on social media shouldn’t hurt…right?

    We all know five more minutes on social media never stops at five minutes. So, instead of using those five minutes to scroll on your phone, postpone it to after you finish studying. This way you can scroll through social media for as long as you want (after your studies, of course)! 😊 

    Still unsure about exams? There is a goldmine of resources to help you through these trying times. The “Study skills” and “Tests and exams” modules are a great place to start.

    University can be challenging, so props to you for making this far! However, if you feel like you need more help navigating through university, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Student Wellbeing team. Always remember that there are many resources available to help when you need.

    Best of luck with your upcoming exams!

    Written by Pevindi Uggal Babila Gamage

    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Genetics) student and Peer Academic Mentor

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