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Check out the new and improved My Experience page!

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There are exciting new opportunities for you to participate in and cool new features to play with.

We’ve made the My Experience page on OASIS more visually appealing, interactive and engaging! You can flip cards to open and close tasks, track your progress and select which chapter you are in on your Curtin journey.

You will also find new Quests and tasks to support you throughout any stage of the university experience. Whether you are still exploring your options, or ready to build your skills and prepare for your career, there will be a Quest for you. If you’re not quite ready to complete a Quest, you can keep it closed until you are.

We would love to hear your thoughts, as your feedback will shape the future of the My Experience page! Share your thoughts and comments through the feedback button that appears on the right of the My Experience page.

Explore the new My Experience page now

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