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Making the most of life with passion, curiosity, and bravery.

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Thea Adamson

Meet Thea, a dedicated Mining Engineering student at Curtin Kalgoorlie. Thea’s curiosity in Mining Engineering was piqued during a presentation that promised an intriguing blend of challenges, unique environments, and the chance to travel the world, which perfectly aligned with her adventurous spirit.

Since starting her university experience, Thea has found the balance of work, sports, and studies a challenge, as to Thea each aspect of the balancing triangle is as important as the next. Regardless, when Thea reflects on her early days, she advises her first-year self and future students to embrace every opportunity, join university clubs, consider exchange programs, and, above all, relish the journey without succumbing to the pressure of it all, “don’t feel like you have to make perfect decisions about your future and degree; doing what you enjoy is never a waste of time”.

Moving to Kalgoorlie was a standout moment in her university journey, as she was able to fully immerse herself in the heart of the mining industry. This decision required her to step out of her comfort zone, and into a world of experiences she had never envisioned.

Unexpectedly in Kalgoorlie, Thea found herself in a place that thrives on extracurricular and a strong sense of community, placing Thea in a new territory that was designed for her. Thea immediately got to work joining clubs and befriending the community. Joining up with the Railways Football Club provided an invaluable support network in Kalgoorlie, the individuals in the team became more than just teammates, they gave a sense of belonging in a city far from home.

Another area Thea participated in was with the WASM Wombats and WASM Football, describing the Wombats as “wildly fun and completely different,” she highlights the unique blend of old-school mining activities with a competitive edge. Similarly, WASM Football provided not only enjoyment but also a fantastic way to stay active, adhering to her belief that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind.

Thea is a social butterfly and enjoys participating with other students regardless of her environment. Thea was able to find accommodation in Agricola, where she even picked up a new skill—playing pool—adding another fun dimension to her university life.

Reflecting on the success of her Kalgoorlie journey she discovers that her journey has all been a simple but pivotal step in the right direction—talking to friends, taking the initiative, and joining the warm welcome of the community. She highlights that the most challenging part is often taking that initial step into the unknown. Looking past graduation, Thea’s aspirations extend into the mining industry. Her vision includes not only professional growth but also a commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle, pursuing hobbies, and engaging in sports.

Thea is a great example of what unexpected and wonderful opportunities can arise when you step out of your comfort zone, give things a go and be a good mate.

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