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How to stay energized during study breaks

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You probably already know that taking study breaks is important, but did you know that how you spend your breaks can determine how productive you’ll be? Here are some good ways to get your mind off of your studies and return feeling refreshed and motivated.

Go for a walk. Sitting down at your desk for hours on end isn’t great for your body or your mind, so make sure you get up and go for a quick walk every now and then! Go outside, breathe in some fresh air and get your blood pumping.

Tidy up. Spending a couple of minutes tidying your study space is a great way to take a break from your studies while still staying productive. It will also improve your focus when you get back to work since it’s much harder to concentrate in a messy environment.

Eat something healthy. Snacking on something healthy can help boost your energy levels and improve your concentration. If you’re feeling more than a little peckish, cooking a nutritious meal is also a great way to keep your mind focused but on something other than your studies.

Take a shower. Taking a shower is a sure-fire way to refresh yourself and clear your mind after spending a long time on your studies – not to mention that good ideas always seem to hit you in the shower, so you might even have an unexpected burst of productivity.

Do something creative. Even if you’re not an “arty” person, doing something creative like drawing, colouring, knitting or playing an instrument is a great way to take a break from your studies while still keeping your mind active. Another bonus is that you can also pick up or improve your skills in something else!

Call a friend. Studying for long periods of time can feel really isolating, so try calling a friend for a quick catch up during your study breaks. If you’re feeling stressed about your studies, this can also be a really helpful way to unwind.

Take a nap. If done right, taking a nap can be a really effective way to reboot your mind and increase productivity. However, oversleeping will make you feel groggy and tired, so make sure you set an alarm and limit your naps to 20 minutes!

Written by mass communications student Kelsey Tang

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