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How to make friends at university

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How do you make lifelong friends at university? It can often feel difficult to make friends at university when it seems everyone’s priority in class is to focus solely on learning the content. Here are some ways Curtin students have been able to make friends at uni.

A male student smiling “I made my first friend just by simply attending the orientation week on campus. A week later, I joined the Curtin Marketing Association and the Tourism, Hospitality, and Events Student Association (THESA). Here I participate in events and workshops they organise so that I have the opportunity to meet students studying similar majors and make new friends.” – Max, Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing
A female student smiling “I joined Curtin Volunteers! and social sports at the stadium. These opportunities allowed me to meet some of my closest friends. Joining other professional development programs such as New to Curtin Mentoring and Student Ambassadors program will allow you to make new connections with people from outside of your course.” – Veena, Speech Pathology
A female student smiling “Within my classes, I have made some friends which I have remained in contact with for almost the full three years of my degree. I find communicating/reaching out the best way to make meaningful friendships beyond just the classroom. Further, attending networking events hosted by clubs and participating in workshops have allowed me to meet more people beyond just my faculty/study area.” – Olivia, Human Resource Management and Management
A female student smiling “I tried to get involved in as many activities as possible.  Attending club meetups and faculty events that interest you is a great way to meet likeminded people!  From there, you might learn about other social opportunities, meet friends-of-friends, or at the very least, gain a friendly face around campus.” – Hayley, Accounting and Law

So the best way to make new friends at uni? Get involved! By getting involved in clubs and activities you can meet people in a more relaxed setting than a tutorial room and really get to know them. By joining a club or team you’re likely to meet other students with similar interests to yours and form some lasting friendships!

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