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How to host a successful Friends-mas party

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If you aren’t heading home these holidays and are away from your family this Christmas why not get your friends together and host a Friends-mas party instead! You’re bound to have a great time and the company will help alleviate any homesickness you may be feeling.

Here is our guide on how to host a Friends-mas party to impress everyone:

Invite your friends – The key ingredient for a Friends-mas party is to invite your friends. If you know any of your friends who aren’t going away during the holidays or have no plans – invite them along! You might be surprised how many people will be intrigued by Friends-mas and will love any excuse to catch up.

Create a theme – To make the party more entertaining come up with a theme that people will enjoy and get enthusiastic about. Some of our favourite ideas are ugly Christmas sweaters, winter wonderland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Christmas carol karaoke. Commit to your theme with decorations and dress up in costume!

Feed your guests – Be prepared for hungry guests. So make a decision on whether you want to just prepare simple snacks or go all out with a feast. One way you can save money is to tell your friends to all make a plate of something to bring along, this guarantees enough food to feed everyone.

Think about entertainment – You and your guests are going to want to have something to do at your party outside of just eating, so make sure you have some options for entertainment at the ready. Games like Pictionary, Charades, Cards Against Humanity are easy ways to get everyone involved. Otherwise, there are plenty of holiday-themed movies that are perfect for a movie marathon.

Don’t forget presents! – Technically Christmas is meant to be about spending time with your loved ones, however who doesn’t love getting presents?! Organise your friends to buy presents for a Secret Santa or White Elephant game (google the rules if you are unsure), or keep things simple by preparing party favours for your guests like lollies or baked goods!

Happy holidays!

Written by public relations student Nathan Kerr

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