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How to develop a positive mindset

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In difficult times, it can be hard to maintain a positive mindset and recognise moments of joy when they occur. Here are five ways to develop a positive mindset even in the most difficult of times.

  1. Focus on the good

Look at the different areas of your life and identify anything you can control that does not bring positivity into your life. Focus on each of the aspects you have identified and work to bring joy to that area. Do you find your work desk to be uninspiring? Spruce it up with photos of family and friends or motivational quotes to promote positivity in the space.

  1. Start the day in a positive way

Starting the day on a positive note is a great way to begin your day with a positive outlook. Before you start your tasks for the day or leave for work, do something that makes you happy or is positive in nature. This could be listening to a song you love in the morning or giving somebody a compliment in the office.

  1. Keep a journal

At the end of each day, write down five things that made you happy that day. Keeping a journal of everything that has brought you joy is a great tool when you may be feeling upset or in a negative space. Use your journal to look back on all the good things that have happened to you, both small and large, and remind yourself a new day is an opportunity for new great experiences.

  1. Give yourself permission to laugh

Sometimes in difficult times, it can feel wrong to experience joy or laughter. Giving yourself permission to laugh at things you find to be funny or ironic can help lighten the mood are put you in a positive mind frame. If there is no funny side to a situation, take the time to watch your favourite comedic show as a relief from dark times.

  1. Practice positive self-talk

You are sometimes your own harshest critic. Practising positive self-talk allows you to recognise your achievements rather than your failures. It also influences your perception of yourself; instead of always seeing the negative of your actions, you are able to look at your actions in a positive and more uplifting way. For example, instead of saying ‘I have failed’ say to yourself, ‘with this new understanding, I am one step closer to achieving my goal.’

Apply these five techniques to your daily routine to promote happiness and develop a positive mindset in all that you do.

Written by public relations student Taysha Sullivan

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