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How an Instagram channel can help you get settled into Uni

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Starting university is an exhilarating journey, filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous about stepping into this new world, away from familiar surroundings and support systems.

But fear not! Thanks to the power of social media, getting settled into university life has never been easier. Let’s dive into how @curtinlifeustralia can be your go-to resource, energising your journey with online connections, promoting incredible student opportunities, and sharing valuable tips and tricks from fellow students.

Connect with your peers online

Keeping up with @curtilifeaustralia allows you to make great connections and share the excitement of starting on your university journey. Got those pre-university jitters? Don’t worry, they’ll fade away. The inclusive nature of our channel makes it a breeze to reach out to fellow students and ask questions.

Endless student opportunities

Ready to make the most of your time at Curtin or want to try something new? There are so many opportunities right within reach! From social sports to volunteering, and Earn While You Learn, you can learn more about your peers’ experiences and see what you want to try out for yourself. Whether you want to help out the community, get into your fitness routine, or gain more experience, we’ve got you covered!

Get a taste of uni life

New to uni? This Insta is your go-to source for everything Curtin student life. Say goodbye to idealised portrayals of the perfect student and hello to the authentic Curtin experience! From study tips to wellness advice, and the occasional Reels about those week one ice-breakers or productive procrastination that hit close to home (we’ve all been there don’t worry), you’ll get front seat to everything #CurtinLife.

Personalised tips and tricks

Study spots, best coffees, exam hacks and more! Discover all the ins and outs of Curtin life from your fellow students. @curtinlifeaustralia also showcases students’ valuable advice and personal journeys through series like My Curtin Advice and My Curtin Experience. So get ready to learn from the pros!

If you haven’t checked out @curtinlifeaustralia yet, it’s time to get on board. Consider it your personal guide to thriving at uni. Go ahead and follow us on Instagram to add some extra spice to your uni life!

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