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From Country to City: Andrea’s Inspiring Journey in Pursuit of Marine Research and Agribusiness

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Switching from country to city life, Andrea encourages rural students to “treat it like an adventure!”

Andrea was drawn to the field of marine research. She only went to the beach about once a year while she lived in Hyden, making each trip unique and sparking her curiosity each time. She moved from Hyden to Perth to start her university journey studying Coastal and Marine Science and Agribusiness.

After completing her first undergrad degree in coastal and marine science at the beginning of 2022, Andrea enrolled in a Bachelor of Agribusiness.

“When I say that I’m doing my second undergrad, people often ask why, but I actually just enjoy uni!”

Before arriving to Perth, Andrea worked for a year in a regional area before starting an enabling course that helped her prepare for her degree in agribusiness and marine science. Andrea’s confidence grew because of the encouragement she received during these sessions, which also allowed her to improve her study techniques.

She was motivated to succeed by her new surroundings and the difficulties of attending college. Andrea had the chance to step outside of her comfort zone and seize new chances by moving to Perth.

She intends to use her agribusiness degree when she moves back to work at her family’s farm. Andrea decided to specialise in the field of crop and pasture management to make sure she has a fair balance of knowledge in all areas.

When she first started her studies, Andrea had limited practical experience, but Curtin has provided her the chance to expand her knowledge and abilities.

After four years in uni, Andrea is now @curtindivers secretary and appreciates how being in Perth has pushed her to grow intellectually and personally. However, as much she enjoys uni, Andrea genuinely misses the strong sense of community in her small country town. “As soon as I’m finished with uni, I’ll head straight back to Hyden!”

Andrea urges other young people who are thinking about relocating to the metropolis to just go for it.

Andrea now has the skills necessary to start her exciting future in rural Western Australia thanks to her time spent studying in Perth.

“Give it a try – you can’t really go wrong with it! Do your best and stretch your brain while you’re young.”

As Andrea’s journey unfolds, it serves as an inspiring example of how determination, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge can lead to personal and professional growth. We wish Andrea all the best as she continues on her bright path ahead!

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