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Four reasons to follow @curtinlifeaustralia on Instagram

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Welcome to Curtin and your uni journey! (And welcome back if you’re a returning student).

If you’re attending orientation or have been at uni a couple of semesters, you’ve probably already heard the spiel hundreds of times by now – ‘make the most of your university journey’, ‘get outside your comfort zone’, ‘challenge yourself’ … but honestly, it’s for the right reason.

University is the perfect time to discover what you want out of a future career (or not – there’s no time limit), learn about parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed and do the absolute most (or least) with the next three or so years of your time at Curtin. It’s your journey, and it’s your choice for what comes next.

If you’re one of the people who would like to dive right into everything Curtin can possibly offer, you’ve landed on the right article. The @curtinlifeaustralia Instagram is a gateway to discovering extracurriculars, student services and programs, opportunities and more – it’s essentially your go-to source for all things Curtin student life on the ‘gram. And better yet, all of its content is created in collaboration between students and staff members!

Here’s four reasons why following us is a great way to kickstart (or re-start) the next chapter of your student experience.

#1 Get alerts for paid student opportunities

From getting involved in one of @curtinlifeasutralia’s bespoke series, like Conversations @ Curtin, to putting your hand up to be in a photoshoot or focus group, we’re always posting opportunities for students to make the most of.

#2 Get to know what uni life is all about

If you’re new to uni, this is the best place to get a sense of what Curtin students get up to in their day-to-day life, study and wellbeing advice and so much more! From weekly tips and tricks to help you on your student journey, to entertaining Reels that make you laugh about *that* challenging group assignment, it’s the first and best place to get to know what #CurtinLife is all about.

#3 Stay up to date with events on campus!

If you’re looking for how to get involved in the social side of campus and the Curtin community, there’s always an event to attend or workshop to complete on campus. From keeping you across Student Guild and pop-up events, to letting you know about wellbeing or careers workshops, you’ll never miss out on a social event again.

#4 Discover all kinds of extracurriculars

From social sports and volunteering, to mentoring and Curtin Extra, we’ll break down all the various programs and activities to get involved in at Curtin. They’re not only a great way to integrate into the Curtin community and meet like-minded people, but they’re experience you can add to your resume!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t explored what’s waiting for you on the @curtinlifeaustralia channel, now’s your chance.

Find us on Instagram.

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