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Five ways to create a productive study space

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Having a dedicated area where you can go to complete your studies is essential to help get your mind in the zone for study. Here are five tips to help you create the ideal space to boost your productivity:

  1. The environment: It is important to choose a study space that suits you and how you like to study, whether you like to sit outside in your backyard or in the air-conditioned indoors, in your personal study where no one can disturb you or at the kitchen table where you can still interact with your family or housemates.
  2. Remove any distractions: You may not realise, but some every day habits can reduce your productivity and most can lead to procrastination from study. Your mobile phone, multiple tabs open in your internet browser, messy food, Netflix and TV, video games and other people (unless people are required for a group project), can all be highly distracting to your study. So make a conscious decision to remove these distractions during the times that you need to focus.
  3. Prepare your tools: Make sure you have easy access to everything you will need to study before you start. Set up your study space with a good ergonomic chair, a computer, chargers, textbooks, notebooks, various pens, highlighters, post-it notes and anything else that will help make your studying more productive.
  4. Good lighting: Natural lighting can help to boost productivity when studying, so try setting up a study space near a good source of natural light such as a window. Spaces with fluorescent lights often give off a diffused light, so investing in a desk lamp which can provide a bright, focused light is great for better reading.
  5. Keep it tidy: A clean and organised desk can help you have a clearer head when studying. So try cleaning your space every hour, it is one of quickest tasks you can do to refresh your space and give your mind a temporary break from study.

Look around and review your space, you might be pleasantly surprised how a few simple changes can help your productivity.

Written by public relations student Nathan Kerr

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