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Five videos to watch at the start of your study journey

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Week one is the best time to get yourself acquainted with everything you need to know about Curtin before semester gets super busy.

Our recently launched Curtin Life YouTube is dedicated to helping you from orientation through to graduation, and is home to support guides, student tips and tricks, information about extracurricular activities and so much more.

We’ve collated five videos that we recommend you watch during your first few weeks at uni!

1. Welcome to Curtin Connect

Get familiar with Curtin’s student services – Curtin Connect! They are your first port of call for any queries you have about studying at Curtin.

2. Using your OCC

Checking in to your Official Communications Channel is one of your study obligations while enrolled at Curtin. And it’s not related to your student email!

3. Navigating Blackboard with Curtin Connect

Blackboard is Curtin’s Learning Management System, and is something you will use throughout your entire degree. Find out everything you need to know about accessing your classwork through Blackboard to make your first week easier.

4. How to make friends at uni

Making friends can be harder than it seems at uni. Current student, Sheika, provides some of her tips for connecting with your peers!

5. Welcome to TL Robertson Library

Get everything you need to know about the newly refurbished TL Robertson Library (Building 105) with this quick tour across the six floors; including the new study spaces, purpose-built Makerspace, kitchen and café, Reading Room and more.

As this channel evolves, we’d love to get your feedback and hear about the kind of videos you would like to see in the future. 

We encourage you to visit the channel, subscribe and share your feedback with us here.

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