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Five things you can do at the Stadium that aren’t sitting for exams

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Curtin Stadium at the Perth Campus isn’t just that building you go to a couple of times a year to sit your exams – it offers a wide range of facilities and services to students, staff and the wider community. Here are just a few things you can do at the Stadium, all of which are much more fun than doing an exam!

Hit the gym. The Fitness Centre at the Stadium is the perfect place to work in a quick gym session before or after class. Don’t feel intimidated if you’re a beginner – the Stadium offers a free fitness appraisal and personalised program to all members to teach them how to safely use the equipment and get off to a good start. Find out what memberships are available.

Attend a fitness class. If you’re looking for a good workout but solo gym sessions aren’t your thing, the Stadium has you covered! There’s a great range of indoor and outdoor group fitness classes available, including some freebies during the semester. See what’s on offer.

Join Curtin Experiences. Signing up for a Curtin Experiences program is a great way to get active, make friends and step out of your comfort zone – it’s all about giving something new a go and having fun! Check out their wide range of fitness, sports, martial arts and dance programs.

Find health services. The Stadium also offers a number of health and rehabilitation services, such as assisted exercise programs for people with special needs, exercise physiology and physiotherapy programs and a youth mental health program. Find out how the Stadium can help you.

Play Social Sport. From basketball to beach volleyball, touch rugby to netball, there will be a sport for you! Social Sport is a weekly social sporting competition for all levels with various seasons throughout the year and seven different sports across 15 categories – with open, women’s, men’s and mixed. Find out how to sign up for the next season.

Written by mass communications student Kelsey Tang

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