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Five budgeting tips for students

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For a lot of students, especially those who have recently moved out of home, money is tight. Starting a budget can be hard and sticking to it can be even harder! Here are some useful tips on how to budget as a student.

Download a budgeting app. Thanks to technology, budgeting is simpler than ever – banking apps can help you track your income and expenses at the touch of a button. Some apps will sort your purchases into categories (e.g. rent, car food, entertainment, etc.), set aside small amounts of money into your savings and notify you when you start to go over budget.

Share your rent. Finding housemates is an easy way to slash your weekly expenses. If you don’t have any friends that are willing to move out (or that you’re willing to share a place with), try checking out house-sharing groups on Facebook or ask your friends if they know anyone looking to for a place to live.

Learn to cook. Ordering Uber Eats every other night will ruin your budget. Have a look online for cooking tutorials and budget-friendly recipes. Try cooking with your friends – it’s a fun way to socialise and a much cheaper option than eating out or getting delivery!

Consider your transport options. Figure out which transport options are the most practical and affordable for you. If you live close to campus, try walking or cycling to university to cut down on fuel and parking. If that’s not practical, compare the cost of driving with public transport or try carpooling with friends. Curtin also provides a number of free bus services to make your journey to, from and around the Kent Street campus easier, check out the timetables and destinations on the Properties, Facilities & Development website.

Take advantage of being a student. One of the few financial benefits of being a student is student discounts! Grab your student card and check out which local places offer student prices. A lot of bars and restaurants also have specials on weeknights when most people can’t go out, so if you’re going out, try doing it during the week instead! Don’t forget that all students are automatically members of the Curtin Student Guild, all you need is your Curtin student sticker and a Guild sticker for the current year to access perks such as discounts at all Guild food and beverage outlets, discounts at G-Mart and more! Visit the Curtin Student Guild website for a list of all the member benefits.

Written by mass communications student Kelsey Tang

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