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Exciting new equipment at the Stadium

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To entice you into the gym this winter Curtin Stadium is pleased to announce a major investment in some exciting new machines for the gym.

During your next visit to Curtin Stadium Fitness Centre come and test out our new:

  • 4 x power racks
  • Hip thrust
  • Leg press
  • 2 x curved treadmills SkillMills
  • 2 x SkillRuns treadmills
  • Vario elliptical
  • Stair climbers
  • As well as new bikes, recline, tops and cross trainers

The nitty gritty on the new strength equipment

  • Power racks
    Our new power racks are the most noticeable difference to the centre. The new sturdy power racks have inbuilt platforms and come with landmine attachments, band attachments and multiple grip pull up bars creating the flexibility that can provide an entire workout.
  • Hip Thrust
    Our new hip thrust machine gives you the control, set-up, stability and privacy of doing hip thrusts without the need to set up a bench. All you need to do is load up with plates and jump in. With incredible padding under both your back and freshly worked muscles you will never find a more comfortable place to build your glutes.
  • Leg Press
    Our brand-new leg press replaces our old hammer strength leg press, with new padded seats, a secure release mechanism and an adjustable back pad that means you can get more out of your leg days than ever before.

VarioMills? A whose who of the new Cardio equipment

  • SkillMills
    The first curved treadmills at Curtin Gym, these help more closely mimic running technique outside. They also help mimic running by the fact that the floor doesn’t move without you! There are no speed controls on these treadmills, the speed control is up to you. If you want to run faster, you have to start running faster. If you want to slow down, you need to slow it down!
  • SkillRuns
    Closer to the classic treadmills you are used to but with a couple of key differences. They have the usual speed and incline features but also feature a different kind of matting designed to minimise impact and give you better grip on the floor.Both the SkillMills and SkillRuns treadmills also include a new resistance feature that means you can recreate pushing a sled and other strength work in addition to your cardio workout.
  • Vario elliptical
    Right by the entrance our new Vario might look a bit funky but this new type of elliptical is perfect for members looking for no-impact motion and joint protection while still working on your goals. An adaptive elliptical cross trainer that lets your body complete a range of movements whether you want to walk, run, climb you can do it on here! With or without arms depending on what grip you want to utilise.
  • Stair climbers
    Our new stair climbers have digital displays capable of taking you through a number of workouts designed to keep you enthralled and working to your max.
  • Bikes, Recline, Tops and Cross Trainers
    The other new cardio equipment will be more familiar, whether you want to jump on a bike, the comfort of a recline bike, cross trainer or work the upper body through one of our new top machines we have the cardio option for you.

    Bonus! All of the cardio machines have new digital displays and Bluetooth connectivity for tracking and to sync with various fitness apps via CurtinMoves.

While some of these new machines may seem a bit intimidating at first, you can just ask one of the instructors to give you a quick demo to show you how they work. Just ask at the Stadium reception if you are interested in getting set up on a new machine.

Not a member of Curtin Stadium yet? For more information on joining the gym, please visit the Stadium website.

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