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Develop your First Nations knowledge on Country in semester 1, 2024!

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Image for Develop your First Nations knowledge on Country in semester 1, 2024!

Want to grow your understanding of First Nations’ perspectives in semester 1, 2024?

You have a unique opportunity to develop your intercultural capabilities through an immersive On-Country learning experience led by Elders and senior First Nations people.

The Listening to Country: First Nations’ Perspectives unit provides a chance for you to join other students from a variety of disciplines, learn more about First Nations’ people and develop your understanding of Country, community and self.

This unit is available at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level and is delivered by intensive block delivery over five days during the tuition free week – with three on-campus workshops prior to going On-Country.

At the end of the unit, you will have developed an understanding of First Nations’ perspectives and colonial shared histories, which will inform your views moving forwards and encourage further reflection towards Reconciliation. 

“It’s so relevant no matter what you’re studying because this is Aboriginal Country and they are our First Peoples. Whether you work in mining or you work in education, there’s so much we can learn from the oldest living culture in the world.” – Gabrielle Maynard, Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies.

Enrolments for semester 1, 2024 are still open. For more information on how to enrol, visit our website.

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